Friday, April 8, 2016

3rd Quarter Reflections

In what area do you think you made your biggest improvements in English Language Arts?  
What is something you have accomplished this quarter that you are proud of?
What has been the most challenging part of 3rd Quarter for you and what did/can you do to help overcome this?
What have you learned about the world?

        In the area that I think I made my biggest improvement is learning the different aspects of writing poems. Since we did a poetry unit I now understand how to write a poem. Before this quarter, writing poetry for me was a struggle. I did not know what it should look like or how it should sound. Until we went through everything, I realized that a poem can be whatever you want it to be. It can have rhythm, alliteration, metaphors, and much more. I feel much more comfortable with writing poems now.

       Something that I have accomplished this quarter is finished reading my Lit Circle book on time every day I needed to read it. This was a struggle because some days I would have to read around seven chapters in one sitting. It was very hard because the book itself was very depressing, so it was hard to keep continuing. Another struggle was that I would have something after school and I didn't have a lot of time to finish my part. When I finally finished the book I felt very proud that I didn't give up or slack off. 

        The most challenging part of 3rd Quarter was writing the Poetry Reflection Blog. This has been the most challenging because for me talking about poetry is very hard. I sometimes don't have good words to describe it so I can't get my thoughts across. What I was saying in the blog didn't always meet with what I was thinking. To help overcome this I can try to talk my ideas out with other people. I feel that if I explain my ideas then other peoples ideas can help me find what I am trying to say. 

        I have learned a few things about the world from this quarter. One of the those things is that poetry can affect peoples lives. When I read the book Bronx Masquerade it showed me how poetry can make people open up more and make everyone connected. Another thing that I learned was that many women around the world have a lot less rights then we do in the US. We learned about how in Pakistan girls can't go to school, have a job, wear whatever they want, etc. By learning this I realized that the world hasn't grown like the US has. Some countries believe that women are inferior to men.