Friday, January 20, 2017

Quarter 2 Reflection

*What is something you have accomplished since the new year that you are proud of?

        Something that I have accomplished since the new year is that I have not had any missing assignments. I am very proud of this because I have not had to go to working lunch at all. To achieve this, every day I make sure that I have everything done for each class. I make a mental list of all my classes and all the assignments that come with them. It has really helped me throughout the year. For ELA I always check Edmodo, this comes in handy when I can't remember what Mrs. Larson had said. This makes me very happy that I have accomplished this and I hope that it will continue.

*In what area do you think you made your biggest improvements in English Language Arts?

        The area that I think that I made the biggest improvement in English Language Arts is analyzing a text or quote. Before this year, I would only explain the quote and what it means. Now I dig deeper into the meaning so I can really pull apart the text or quote. I explain how it effects people in life and how it effected people in the text. By doing this it could possibly show another side to it that your wouldn't have seen before. I can see this based on my performance of analyzation last year. 

*What has been the most challenging part of 2nd Quarter for you and what did/can you do to help overcome this?

        The most challenging part of the 2nd Quarter is keeping up with my 20 Book Challenge. I have had so much to do after school that reading for entertainment wasn't one of my priorities. The books that I have picked out were interesting, they just didn't come before homework or after school activities. One thing I can do to overcome this is to read in the mornings. I could wake up earlier so there could be maybe 10 or 15 minutes of just reading. Doing this can wake my mind up so I can be alert in the morning. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Juxtapose To Kill A Mockingbird blog

1.  What do you think is the most important difference between the written and filmed version? Provide evidence with specific details.

         I think that the most important difference between the written and filmed version was that the perspective of the movie was different from the book. In the book, the whole story is shown through the eyes of Scout. However, in the movie it is shown through the eyes of multiple people. In the movie some of the perspectives are Atticus and Jem. In some scenes Scout wasn't present, so she wouldn't have been able to know what was going on. An example of this is how when Jem and Scout were waiting in Atticus' car, while he was in the Robinson's house. Scout was fast asleep so she wasn't able to see that Mr. Ewell came to their car and spit in Atticus' face. 

          I feel like this is an important difference because it makes the tone of the movie different from the book. When it is told through a childs perspective the mood is more mild and light. When it is told through and adult, however, it can be harsher and darker. And example of this in the movie, is when Judge Taylor talks to Atticus about the Robinson trial. He explains to him that he wants Atticus to take on the case. The makes the movie feel more serious. We didn't get this scene in the book because Scout wasn't a part of it. She was around playing and messing with Boo Radley. At that point in the book we didn't feel that sense of reality. It was all just children's games.

3. What is the purpose in having different versions of a story? Think about how different versions contribute to the overall understanding and interpretation of that piece of work. Use specific concepts to support your opinion.

          There are a few purposes in having different versions of a story. One of these purposes is giving the viewers a better understanding of the scene. For example in the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, you had to make inferences and guesses based on the textual evidence to understand what the people looked like and the setting. In the movie, it gives you exactly what they looked like and their surroundings. Another example for a purpose is that you might be able to understand the occurrences of a story more. In the book, when the attack of Jem and Scout occurred, I was very confused. I did not understand what exactly was happening and it didn't make sense to me. However, in the movie I was able to see what was happening and I wasn't as confused.