Saturday, September 24, 2016

AoW 9-23-16

          An idea that is similar in the book Of Beetles and Angels and the article "The unique programme that brings refugees to Canada" is that it is hard to adjust to life in another country. In the article it says," A report on the use of Toronto food banks released this week notes a surge in the first three months of 2016, linked in part to an influx of newcomers, including Syrian refugees." This quote explains that many Syrian refugees need food banks to eat. It is difficult for them to provide for themselves or for their family because they are in a new country. In the book it states, "Even with their constant suport, though, we still felt the deepest homesickness... We yearned for... A neighbor who spoke our language. For our people." This quote shows that Mawi's family missed their home very much as they try to adjust to life in America. Both quotes show the struggles of being a refugee.

           Another idea that is similar is that there is kind people in the world. In the book it says,"My brother had found him housing and a job, encouraged him, and even given him money when he could-even though my bro had so little himself." This excerpt shows that Mawi's brother, Tewolde, is very giving and generous. He gives even when he doesn't have anything himself. Tewolde was probably a role model for Mawi. In the article when it talks about all the refugees that Canada let in it states,"That generosity won "the people of Canada" the 1986 UN's Nansen refugee award, which recognises outstanding service to the causes of refugees..." This shows that many people in Canada sponsored and took in refugees. They did this out of the kindness of their own hearts and helped the less fortunate.

          War affects individuals and societies in many ways. For example some people may have to move because of the violence or discrimination that is occurring there. These people are called refugees. This could cause great harm or distress to the people who are being uprooted from their homes. Another way that war affects societies is that in the places that the refugees are relocating to will be affected. In my article it states, "... the programme 'changes people individually, it shapes societies'". This is explaining that the program that Canada is using to move Syrian refugees is giving society a different outlook on life. With the more refugees going into these communities the more people are going to be exposed to how hard it is for refugees.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

All About Me

      Hello welcome to my blog! My name is Sofia and I am in the 8th grade. I live in Illinois with my mom, dad, and two brothers. Their names are Gabriel and Adrian. Gabriel is a sophomore and Adrian is in 6th grade. 

      I have many hobbies. Some of my hobbies are playing basketball, watching Netflix, watching sports,and hanging out with friends.When I am not playing basketball I am usually watching Netflix. I like to watch all kinds of genres, my favorite are TV shows from a few years ago and dramas. I finished the shows called One Tree Hill, Friends, and Glee. In school I am in National Junior Honor's Society, Girls Varsity Basketball, Our American Voice, Varsity Volleyball, Soccer, and Battle of the Books. All of these things keep me occupied throughout the year and helps me expand my horizons.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like the further posts!